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Cornerstone Education Consulting provides a wide array of professional services, including the following:

  • school and school review preparations
  • framing, development and drafting of school goals and school plans
  • personnel review and evaluation
  • human resources screening (particularly for out of town or rural school districts)
  • program evaluation (curricular, instructional design, resource evaluation
  • services audit (are you providing what you think you’re providing? learning support services, ELL, etc.)
  • change facilitation (helping to implement new programs or systems)
  • curricular review
  • systems review
  • student placement and recruitment
  • teacher training and professional development
  • professional growth plan development
  • new and renovation facilities planning
  • needs identification and planning
  • school and district communications, brochures, etc.

Cornerstone Education Consulting will tailor-make its services to suit your specific needs.  Please contact us for more information.

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